30 Years - A Prayer for Life

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Dear God,

I know I don't have to tell You that it will be thirty
years on Wednesday, January 22nd. Thirty years God.
Thirty years ago, our lives on this world changed.
But I imagine that Your life in Heaven also changed.

I am remembering Your Word, God. You said to Jeremiah,
"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before
you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a
prophet to the nations."

To me, this means that Jeremiah's life was planned, and
that You separated him from all others, blessed him, and
gifted him -- all before his parents ever physically united.

God? This means that human life is created by You before
conception occurs. This means that each individual You
create has a design and giftings and a purpose for being
born into this world.

God... I know that You are well aware of the enemy's
age-old plan to annihilate humanity before individuals can
realize that they are specially created by You. You
know that the enemy wants to destroy Your wondrous
creation before people can learn to operate in the blessed
and powerful giftings You give them.

You know that the enemy has always wanted to destroy Your
people before they could impact others with Your love.
You were there when the king of Egypt made the decree for
the midwives to kill every boy that was born to the Hebrew
women. You were there when Isaiah spoke of those who
sacrifice their children in the ravines & overhangs.

You know God... You well know the enemy's plan. You
were there when Herod ordered all the boys, under the age
of two, in Bethlehem and its vicinity to be killed.

Thirty years God. This country that You have so anointed,
blessed and prospered has gone on this way for thirty years.
With current stats not yet available to us God, we see
during the first twenty-five of these past thirty years,
from the facilities that voluntarilly chose to report: that
31,276,995 of the gifted, anointed, specifically-designed
and ordained, lives that You created, were legally destroyed
before they could be born.

God, did You hear me? I said these lives were 'legally'
destroyed. Oh God... these babies were killed with the
blessing of our ruling authorities.

Thirty years worth of lives that You created God. For
thirty years, we've permitted these babies who You ordained
to use the gifts You gave to them, so that they could be
our doctors, teachers, biologists, chemists, factory workers,
moms & dads, wives, husbands, pastors and preachers.

Among these over 31,276,995 lives, was there another Jeremiah
who would boldly proclaim Your Word to us? Was there a Moses
who'd set Your people truly free? Was there one who You had
given a gift of compassion and healing? Was there a perfect
mate for my son? Was there a doctor with the healing treatment
for my friend? Was there one who You ordained to lead Your
church into unity and revival?

31,276,995 (plus). Looks like a big number God. It's as
many people as those who currently reside in the states of
Texas and Ohio combined. But You know this is not merely a
number, God. It's humanity; Your awesome Creation.

And God... I know that You have a more accurate count. For
You have received each one of these tiny, innocent lives unto
Yourself. Heaven's population has greatly expanded these
past thirty years.

God... How do I pray? What can I say? I'm sorry God.
I'm so very sorry. I am sorry that I don't speak out more.
Sorry I don't offer Your Truth more. I'm sorry for my
country and the legal decisions I've allowed it to make.
I'm sorry God, for each tiny toe, finger, life, that was
destroyed in the name of convenience. I'm sorry that
murder is called 'birth-control' and that life ordained by
You has been made a matter of 'choice'.

I don't know if we've gone too far God. Thirty years is
a long time, and 31,276,995 is a lot of lives to murder.
But God, if You can find it in Your heart, will You forgive
our nation for allowing this atrocity? Will You forgive
Your chosen people for turning our backs and permitting
this to go this far? Will You forgive Your church for
compromising Your Word and accepting this as something
of which You would approve?

God... will You turn this around? Will You stop the enemy
from killing our babies? Will You rise up Your Spirit within
Your people? Will You give us supernatural, divine strength
to spiritually war against the enemy and help stop this from
happening? Will You show us how to pray??????

Reveal to us what & when to speak, how to vote, when to protest
and when to minister. Will You give power to our words,
perserverance to our spirits, and love to our actions?

God...Thirty years has been a lonnnngggg time. Please, forgive
us, and help us to stop this. Help us to make these next
thirty years, years of LIFE, years of HOPE, years of LOVE.
In Jesus' Name,

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This January 22nd will be the 30th anniversary of the
legalization of abortion in the United States. There
are many celebrations planned in many county-seats
and large cities across our country. Abortion-rights
advocates have planned huge events to honor their
right to choose.

If you haven't planned anything at this time, would you
please, PLEASE, find a church or prayer group that will
be spending time in prayer and repentance for what our
country has done over the last 30 years? If you can't
find a church or pro-life organization to partner with,
PLEASE don't forget the 31,276,995 lives that have been
killed. Set aside some time to pray on your own.

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2 Chron.7:14 ...if my people, who are called by my name,
will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn
from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and
will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

The anointed prayer and other text on this page were
penned by Brenda Higgins, 2003 and are the sole property
of the author. Used with permission.

Please visit For His Good Pleasure.

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