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"Beware that you don't despise a single
one of these little ones. For I tell you
that in heaven their angels are always in
the presence of my heavenly Father."

Matthew 18:10 NLT

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The Tone of Voice

It's not so much what you say
As the manner in which you say it;
It's not so much the language you use
As the tone in which you convey it.

"Come here!" I sharply said,
And the child cowered and wept.
"Come here," I said--he looked and smiled--
And straight to my lap he crept.

Words may be mild and fair
And the tone may pierce like a dart;
Words may be soft as the summer air
But the tone may break the heart.

For words come from the mind,
Growing by study and art--
But tone leaps from the inner self,
Revealing the state of the heart.

Whether you know it or not,
Whether you mean or care,
Gentleness, kindness, love, and hate,
Envy and anger are there.

Then, would you quarrels avoid
And peace and love rejoice?
Keep anger not only out of your words--
Keep it also out of your voice.

~ Author Unknown ~

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"And now a word to you fathers. Don't
make your children angry by the way
you treat them. Rather, bring them up
with discipline and instruction
approved by the Lord."

Ephesians 6:4 NLT

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"And you must commit yourselves
wholeheartedly to these commands I am
giving you today. Repeat them again
and again to your children. Talk about
them when you are home and when you are
away on a journey, when you are lying
down and when you are getting up again."

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 NLT

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No Greater Love

It was a quiet morning in Korea. In a small valley,
there was a little wooden building with a corrugated
steel roof. It was an orphanage that housed many young
children who had lost their parents in the war. Suddenly,
the quiet of the morning was shattered when a mortar
shell fell and landed squarely on top of the orphanage.
The roof was ripped apart by the blast and pieces of
steel roofing were blasted all through the orphanage
wounding many of the children. One little girl was hit
in the leg by the flying metal and her leg was
immediately amputated just below her knee. She was
laying in the rubble of the orphanage quietly when
they found her. A tourniquet was immediately applied
and a runner was sent to the MASH hospital to fetch
medical help for the children. When the doctors and
nurses arrived, they began to triage the wounded
children. When the doctor saw the little girl, he
realized that her greatest need at the moment was blood.
He immediately called for records from the orphanage
to find someone with her blood type. A nurse who could
read and speak Korean began to call out the names of
all the children with the same blood type as the
little girl. After a few minutes there was a group of
wide eyed children assembled. The doctor spoke to the
group and the nurse translated, "Would one of you be
willing to give this little girl your blood?" The
children looked shocked, but no one said a word. Again
the doctor pleaded, "Please will one of you give her
your blood, because if you don't, she is going to die!"
Finally a boy in the back raised his hand and the nurse
laid him down on a bed to prepare him for the taking of
his blood. When the nurse ask for his arm in order to
sterilize the skin, the boy began to whimper. "Relax",
she said, "It won't hurt." When the doctor took his
arm and inserted the needle, he began to cry. "Does it
hurt?", the doctor asked. But the boy only cried louder.
"I'm hurting him!", the doctor thought and he tried to
ease his pain and comfort him, but to no avail. Finally,
after what seemed like a long time, the blood was drawn
and the needle was removed. The little boy just laid
and sobbed for a few minutes. After the blood was given
to the wounded girl and her condition was stabilized,
the doctor was curious. He took the Korean speaking
nurse back over to the little boy and told the nurse to
ask him, "Did it hurt?" The boy said, "No, it did
not hurt." "Then why were you crying?", the doctor
asked. "Because I was afraid of dying", the boy said.
The doctor was stunned! "Why did you think you would
die?" With tears in his eyes the boy replied, "Because I
thought that in order to save her you would have to
take all of my blood!" The doctor didn't know what to
say! Then he asked, "But if you thought that you were
going to die, why did you offer to give her your blood?"
With tears streaming down his face, he said, "Because
she was my friend and I loved her!"

~ Author Unknown ~

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Oh, the love and loyalty of children! Is it any
wonder they are so precious in our Lord's sight?

Friends, we can all do our part to save and protect
our children, and grandchildren. The Lord has given
us charge over them, and we must handle that charge
responsibly, doing our utmost to love and protect.

Let us not forget that L-O-V-E can also be spelled:

L-egal protection
V-oting responsibly

Father, please instill in me the wisdom and strength
to protect these little ones in any way possible.
Give me a heart to pursue all means legal to defend
innocent lives; to love and give unselfishly and
to be willing to demonstrate, if such is to be. . .
no greater love. Amen.

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"Let the little children come to me.
Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of
Heaven belongs to such as these."

Matthew 19:14 NLT

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