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Dedication of this page to Pearlie Duncan Walker, author of the poems placed here

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I Was There

That awesome, but dreadful day at the old rugged Cross, I was there.
Not in the flesh, but Jesus saw my sin and answered every Prayer,
As they nailed Him to the old Cross, I was there too, in His mind.
He could see each of us in the eyes of our soul, but He was so kind.

He took on my sin, my blame, as though it were His own, so I was there
And since I have known this, I go daily asking forgiveness in Prayer.
Upon bent knees I can call upon this Savior and He is there for me
And never scolded me or punished me for the things His dear eyes did see,

How it must have hurt his dear heart and now it hurts my own indeed,
As I remember how He ushered me on in, when I was in dire need.
I am shamed as I know He saw me there, as His blood ran down a hill.
But I know He forgave me. And all others who believe in Him and do His will.

I was there as He said Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.
He saw me there as He did you, wont you please come to Him too?
He has paid the price for my sin and for yours, He paid with His unfailing love
For every soul who ever will be and has made a Haven for us up above.

Yes, I was there and so were you, he saw us. But He loved us in spite of all.
So when He touches your heart with a thought or a tear, just give Him a call.
He’ll be there for you as He was for me when I was there at the Altar
And Jesus knew I was there, no, He met me there, kneeling and He did not falter.

Praise His Name Forever!

Copyright © Pearlie Duncan Walker

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I Want to Walk on Holy Ground

One night in a little Country Church, at an Altar, a true Savior I found.
He softened my heart and made me long, to walk on Holy ground.
Up there with the dear Master, who is the Holiest of all,
Hastened my heart into soon giving, Him, the most High, a call.

He said He’s waiting and watching, just giving plenty of time,
So come, go with me and call on this living Savior of mine.
He came to earth and walked with the likes of us here, just for the love
Of the brethren here on earth to receive Him from high above.

His love is so awesome. You can feel it without even seeing Him.
But failing to accept Him will cause the light in your soul to grow dim.
Id like to dance in the Spirit, shout with the Angels all around
When I’m there in Heaven. Forever to walk on Holy ground.

I long to be in Glory with a Savior who is ever true and justly divine.
Who will ever look to my cares, because He knows I claim Him as mine.
When this old life is over and done at last, I want to draw ever near to He
Who will be with me all throughout the land and ages, of Eternity.

Maybe there’ll be soft clouds and beautiful valleys with a mustard tree
That we can just gather seeds aplenty and ever be in harmony.
Harmony with this awesome Master in whom the sun and moon obey.
So Lord come for me and let me surely walk on the Holy ground that day.

Copyright © Pearlie Duncan Walker

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The Storm

I am truly persuaded of God who made Heaven and earth.
That Jesus, the Son of God is of a Holy and Virgin birth.
His omniscience is in all things that was, and is to be.
And I am persuaded that in that great day, He, I will see.

For I am persuaded that those things which to Him I do commit,
With all the valor in this my Lord. He will surely submit
To my keeping. For I am persuaded my love for Him is sure,
As I try, in His precious eyes to be sincere and demure.

I am persuaded He is the one. He is the Son of our God above
Who sent this Son to die for us... out of His undying love.
In obedience I give Him my heart and ask that He forgive
All my sins for now and for as long as I may live.

Of these things, I am persuaded that my God is truly love.
That He made all the things in this earth and Heaven above.
That He knew me before I was and that He breathed life into me..
And He’s building a mansion there in Heaven, it will surely be.

For He said I go to prepare a place for you, were it not so
I would have told you. And where I am there ye shall be also.
So come to Him little children.... He will not turn ye away.
And I am persuaded in my heart that you shall be with Him that day.

Copyright © Pearlie Walker

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A Willing Spirit, Lord

Lord Jesus.... In these times of worry and strife, help us
To find the strength to walk away from all evil and go with Jesus.
Help me to hunger and thirst for all He would have me be
That one day up in Heaven with my Lord I will surely be.

He’s the fairest of ten thousand...The bright and morning star.
Help my Spirit to be willing to do all that He requires, none to bar.
Guide me to be helping others through Prayer and joyful praise.
And Lord keep me be willingly beside Thee...all my earthly days.

My Spirit is willing Lord... let my heart be also
That wherever Thou doth go, I will also go.
When it comes to that bright homecoming...I want to go home
Never more in this old earth doth this soul want to roam.

I’ve heard there’ll be a gathering of the Saints in Heaven.
All the friends we have forgiving seventy times seven.
I want to walk the streets of gold with Mom and Dad too
And be with my Savior in all He would have me to do.

Keep me in the rhythm of Thy Spirit my Lord above.
Help me to give all Praise unto the Savior whom I so love.
Bring us to that day soon Lord, even more on bent knees.
Here in this old World and Heaven, its our Master we want to please.

Copyright © Pearlie Duncan Walker

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As A Shadow

There is a saying, my life is as a shadow or as doth the wind blow.
Just as a vapour, it will quickly turn, and we watch it go.
We sometimes feel we have forever, even though we are mere man,
But sometimes the winds doth come and go as quickly as it can.

Like the wind we live fast and think, surely there is no end to the life.
As a vapour it is but a puff, then it is gone as is the life’s strife.
But I ask you as did old Job, is there not an appointed time on earth?
It is as the eagle after prey, the man has not much time after his birth.

Compare to forever in the Heavens above, we have but a mere day
To roam this earth; to fulfill our natures longings, a puff and away.
We are as the fast fleets of ships that sail the seas ~ that come and go.
But though this life is a puff and gone, we have a Savior whom we know.

He will sail the ship to bring us home, where we’ll be forever more.
No more wondering, about the vapours that sweep around our door.
Our days are swifter than a weavers shuttle, remember out time is short.
Should not we live and love our Christ Jesus with all our heart?

One day here, tomorrow as the ships that sail the ocean, gone forever.
So let us live the fullest life for our Lord that we can, depart Him, never.
Though the days pass as the swiftest ships and the eagle to its prey
Let us ever remember our Savior, knowing He’ll come for us that day.

Copyright©Pearlie Walker

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A New Beginning

It’s time to start again... it’s time to reign in a new year
Praying all will have joyous days... and hearts full of cheer.
Thinking of the blessings... our God doth share...
With His precious, children all... year after year.

Come and share the blessings... come be filled with joy...
That God gave the Christ child... His own little boy...
Was born… to a virgin... then hang… on a Cross-’til dead.
So, each year we have a new beginning... Christ at the head.

Blessed be, the year of two thousand four... war no more...
Please God... let America keep a peaceful shore.
Take the warmongers away Lord... let there be peace today
Let every war in every land peacefully slip away.

Let us love our brethren as ourselves as we ought...
Being kind to neighbors...seeing, we come not to naught.
Teaching our young of Jesus... good manners as well...
Any other thing of God... teach them go and tell.

We Pray a year of happy learning... to turn the other cheek.
The Lord God would be well pleased to see us meek...
Loving our neighbors... wishing good will, and cheer...
As we look once again... to a shining brand New Year.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker

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